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Age of Myth Genesis 15 best tips, cheats, and beginner’s guide

Age of myth Genesis is a city building game where forming alliances, gaining power, and ultimately capturing royal city is the main goal. One of the cool features I liked about this game is that you get grander base as you level up higher. Another unique feature is that you get more land assigned to further build more buildings as you level up your castle and it also has a ‘flag feature’ which allows your alliance to capture more territory. I have played many such types of games and know the best tips, tricks, and guide even for advanced players.

1.Unlock extra builder at all times. You have to keep on upgrading at least 2 buildings at once. You need a golden hammer for that. To have steady supply of golden hammers, you can always exchange them for kingdom map. To do that, tap on pack>>other>>kingdom map>>exchange for golden hammer. Next best use is for building speed ups. You can get kingdom maps by attacking monsters. Another great way to get golden hammers is to exchange items from the merchant after you reach castle level 10. To do that, tap on trade ship>>merchant>>exchange. Items like healing speed ups which are seldomly used can be exchanged for golden hammers and even elite transport fragments.

2.One of the secrets of this game often overlooked by many players is that you can get free lord EXP everyday by sending flowers to the realm leaders. To do that, go to world map>>tap on real map symbol on lower left>>royal city>>alliance statue>>send flowers. To use EXP, tap on pack>>other>>Lord XP.

Age of Myth

3.Age of Myth Genesis battle formation guide:

The archers are weak against the cavalry, infantry is weak against archers, and cavalry is weak against the priests and infantry in this game. You should always scout your opponent and see the battle formations that he has and use your army accordingly. For example, if he has 5000 archers, use at least 5000 cavalry, if he has 5000 infantry use at least 5000 archers. One more in depth tip is that you could use 4000 tier 5 cavalry along with 1000 tier 4 cavalry. The tier 4 cavalry will sacrifice itself and will help the higher tier cavalry to last longer. This happens because the lower tier units are always attacked first. Combine different tier for same unit for more effect and reduce losses. Don’t forget to use speed ups and attack buffs during serious battles. Always buy them from alliance shop if needed. If you are a leader, the best way to attack any alliance is to send only 2 of your best members near the enemy alliance and reinforce them by other members. The 2 members should use shield and then when enough reinforcements are added, attack the enemy one by one. Use speed ups during attacking to avoid enemy reinforcements.

Another strategy for alliance leaders is called “click and bait” strategy where one of your members attacks your opponent with low power. When the opponent is attacking him his castle will be weak because his troops will be marching, then you along with others should attack him at the same time before his troops reaches his castle. Communicate this with your members, plan and then attack, you need at least 3 or more members to execute this strategy perfectly but if it succeeds it takes down even higher level castles as they don’t have many defenders. If your opponent uses fogs, the best way to counter is to simply send just 1 soldier to attack him, the battle report will give you an idea of his troops formation. I know even more tactics which are somewhat immoral as far as battle ethics are concerned but if you want to know them, leave a comment.

4.Focus on upgrading your castle, castle wall, watchtower,depot, training grounds, and barracks initially as these are the buildings you need to be able to upgrade castle. Also upgrading barracks allows you to reach recruit level of troops. As soon as castle is upgraded, you should upgrade castle wall and prioritize the building which is needed to further upgrade your castle. Don’t waste too much time and resources to upgrade sawmills and farm as you can collect them on the world map. Create a farm account for resources. You can do that by tapping on your avatar>>new game>>select the same account. Make sure you have bonded your account before you do that to save all progress and get diamonds. Attack your farm account to get resources but don’t train troops there to get least resistance when you plunder!

5.Get lots of resource crates by attacking the monsters and ancient ruins. You will be able to attack them at least 10 times based on your Lord stamina. There are 2 ways to attack ancient ruins, first where you start or join a rally and battle rebels. Battling rebels can be done twice a day so make sure you fight against the strongest opponent. You will also get soldiers and gain power with it. Don’t forget to include your dragon along with every time as that will give you EXP and raise it’s power. Keep a routine check of 12 hours and attack them when stamina is full. If you want to preserve your resources even more you can upgrade only 1 barracks and then later upgrade the lower tier troops in the drill grounds, that will save you a ton of resources rather than upgrading every barrack.

6.In the library, your first priority should be to Research architecture 1 completely. Then add 1 point each below that to reach architecture 2 and research it completely for increasing the construction speed. If your library doesn’t have required level then second preference should be given to expansion 1 in military and then to resources>>irrigation/arbor day/load increase. Don’t focus too much on city defense and military initially as upgrading quickly should be highest priority. This is because the higher your level, the higher level troops you can train.

7:When adding skills to your lord, I highly recommend to select only the development skills. Your aim should be to reach building speed 2 as quick as you can. This is because construction speed should be given highest priority as upgrading castle quickly will allow you to unlock higher tier troops. In the alliance tech Civil engineering should be given a high priority and then alliance help to help you quickly upgrade everything. Alliance expansion of course is another important department in alliance tech as more members leads to more activity and more support for rallies. You can suggest these to your alliance leader so he can order others. So make sure you chose only 1 path to reach building speed 2 to reach it with minimum points. Once this is achieved you can then choose other war skills. And don’t forget to use your harvest skills as soon as you login to get resources. To set Lord skills, tap on Lord info on lower right>>Lord Skills>>development.

8:Train as much cavalry as you can at least initially as they carry the maximum load. Right before you exit the game I recommend to make sure your send your troops for collection. You should also keep on an eye on how many barracks you can build as barracks capacity increases as castle level increases. The same thing goes for training grounds build them as you unlock more lands and upgrade them as much as you can quickly as that raises capacity for training troops. The building speed ups should ideally be used for upgrades which require less tie. So you can start upgrading your main castle and castle wall which require more time. Most importantly, use your drill grounds to promote the lower tier troops to higher tier. This is often overlooked by many players. Tap on drill ground>>troop formation.

9:Join an active alliance as soon as you can and move closer using alliance teleport. You get 1 for free in the mail. Joining an alliance grants you protection from getting targeted. Most importantly, you get help for speeding up construction and can buy many things from the alliance shop. The best things to buy from the alliance shop is 1 hour and 8 hour Speed Ups. You can drop a message to leader to restock it. To teleport, go to world map>>tap on an open tile>>teleport city. Donate as much as you can without spending gems to get maximum alliance coins and alliance honor. Build alliance flags too as the more you have the more alliance tax you can collect everyday.

10.It will cost you 200 gems and allow to hire extra builders. To buy tap on pack>>city buff>>golden hammer.The second priority should be to get items from the merchant. You get everything for cheap rather than the shop. Always preserve them and don’t blow them off on upgrading buildings or training troops, etc.

11.Forge weapons in the blacksmith and equip them to your Lord for increased attack buffs. Forge weapons even if you don’t need need them because that will get you rewards for completing milestones. I also recommend that before you attack others during serious wars. Use attack buffs. You can buy one from the alliance shop. If you desperately seek resources then attack members with no alliance rather than attacking other alliance members randomly. Always scout them to make sure they have more resources and also check their power. Your battle power should at least be more than 5000 than your opponent to avoid heavy power loss. Also avoid using lower tier troops. The more higher level troops you have the more attack buff they have against lower tier troops.

12.Don’t forget to do your constellation summons as you can do that for free 3 times a day. Craft constellation artifacts and equip them by tapping on observation platform to give you boots. You should specially go for the ones which gives construction boosts. Cetus, for example gives construction boosts at 3 tar levels and should be equipped and fortified. To raise star levels, fortify it and then refine it. You can fortify with constellation stones which can be found by attacking ancient ruins, monsters, and competing in events.

13.When it comes to training troops, make sure you build and level up training grounds to the maximum potential. Also, it’s often easy to forget recruiting the the colossus training in the castle walls. If you don’t want to keep your troops idle login after every 5-6 hours for just 5 minutes to keep on training them. Developing such routine will get you much stronger quickly. Use drill grounds to further upgrade your lower tier troops.

14.Try to make most progress in the first 48 hours as you have got your VIP benefits activated allowing you to freely upgrade after you need less than 6 minutes. It’s better to preserve your VIP packs for later stages as you get even bigger benefits later. Make sure you make best use of these and upgrade all your resources and barracks buildings to at least level 6. Follow the side quests to get a good idea on what to do next but only until level 6.

15.Bookmark your foes and their alliance castles so you can keep a watch on them. To do that, tap on alliane castle>>bookmark.

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