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American Dad Apocalypse soon 15 best tips, guide, cheats and strategy to progress quickly

American Dad Apocalypse soon is a strategy+PvP game where you battle it out against other players to develop your base in a 2D environment. There are specialized characters for specialized roles which if used correctly can maximize output. You can progress quickly if you build and upgrade the right buildings along with spending your premium currency on the most useful packs. The game has 4 types of gear uncommon, common, rare, epic, and legendary. However, equipping epic and legendary gear requires a higher level of a fighter. I will list and explain the tips, tricks and guide for American Dad Apocalypse soon:

1. Initially focus on completing the campaign missions to increase your level. Once you reach level 8 and above, I recommend focusing on upgrading fighter training room, situation room, and Roger’s place. Also, link your account to Google play and Facebook as soon as you start the game. Connecting to Google Play gives you premium currency golden turds as soon as you complete an accomplishment and saves your data. You can do that by tapping settings>>manage>>connect. Connecting to Facebook will allow you to exchange resources and is a part of daily quest.

2. Your characters which are called Rogers should always be placed in the mint and kitchen to maximize your output. Along with that right equipment should be equipped to them. For example, characters who are in the mint should be equipped with gear like piggy bank and rings which maximize money gains, and clothes like Banker’s Suit. Some players have higher class in the bank department and should be placed accordingly. You can check the class on the left side by tapping on a Roger. Remember the benefits of gear only work if the player is deployed in that particular relevant room. I recommend buying confidential chest pack from market. It will give you rare and epic items which will boost your power and allow to disassemble other gear. You can see in the picture below that Chantilly has a higher bank class so she is best used in the Smith bank, likewise players with a high cook class go in the kitchen.

American Dad Apocalypse soon

3. Train your fighters to the maximum potential of the fighter training room. This will raise your overall power. That is why focus on upgrading the training room to the maximum potential in the beginning. You should not focus on upgrading rooms like food storage and energy rooms in the beginning. To train quickly watch back to back ads and then deploy your fighting rogers back to Roger’s place. Before you exit game, always remember to deploy the Rogers to the Roger’s room because if you don’t do so you are an easy target for invaders.

4. American Dad Apocalypse soon Battle formation strategy: The best combination is to go with 1 melee attacker along with 2 ranged attackers. The melee attacker acts as a tank which is supposed to cover the ranged attackers. The ranged attackers deal the damage to the melee enemy and once that is done it will focus on the ranged ones. If you employ this strategy, it’s better to use the best health armor for the melee attacker and the best attacking damage rings for the ranged ones. This will allow the melee roger to survive for much longer and the ranged ones to do the maximum damage. Another formation is using only the melee attackers. This sometimes works even better. The idea behind it is that melee attackers in group quickly tackles the melee enemy and then gets to the ranged ones quickly. Melee does more damage to the ranged ones as some melee weapons have higher damage than the ranged ones. However, the drawback is that it will take damage until it reaches the ranged ones. But in a close combat melee deals more damage to the ranged ones.

5.Buy a pet to collect your resources so that you have steady supply of cash every time you login. The pets collect the money, food, and trains the fighters for you so they do a great job to stock cash while you are offline. I highly recommend to wait at least till your reach level 10 before you do that. The best time to buy a pet is when your storages are at their maximum potential. This will allow you to get maximum benefit. Make sure you upgrade your bank storage to the maximum potential before you buy a pet. Pet can be bought from Market>>Miscellaneous>>Reginal Koala. Buy the 150 golden turds pack as there is no need for a more expensive one. Because it might take you some time to upgrade your storages. Never use your golden turds to upgrade. Preserve them exclusively for pets and chests which can give you epic or legendary gear.

6.Build new building as soon as your situation room is upgraded. You should always build your rooms based on priority. For example, buildings like weapons workshop and UFO lab should take precedence over cloning ones if you are short on money. This is because you can get special powers for your rogers from UFO lab building and craft powerful weapons in the weapons workshop. You will need an energy building as well for that so build it first. The special powers which you can make in the UFO lab building should be stacked as they have to be regenerated after every use. So store them as much as you can. The best way to use them is to use them as much as possible during battles. Use them as soon as they are reenergized. Use them as much as you can. This will allow you to defeat even stronger opponents. If you upgrade you will get even more powerful powers in the UFO lab.

7.Raid other players as much as you can. Raiding gives much more money than the campaign missions so should be done regularly. You should chose your opponents wisely. You should have higher power than them to guaranty victory. Also if you are short on food, go for the one who has maximum money. The best way to get food quickly is to watch ads. You can do that by going to the Market>>Packs>>Watch ad. It will give you 12000 food every time you watch an ad. After watching for 6 times, you will get a crate too. I think for a little time investment this is a great reward and it supports developers too. You should also watch ads by going to daily quests as they give 5 golden turds every time you watch. Clearing the debris near your base gives you 2 golden turds too every time you do it.

8.Join a clan so that you can get extra resources and have some backing in case you are attacked. You should always join the one which has most members. This will allow you to get more resources by requesting. If someone invades you, you can share the report in the clan chat so the attacker could be punished. You can check the battle logs by going to Record>>Defense logs>>Share. To request resources, tap on the arrow symbol on the left side>>clan chat>>request resources.

9.Lookout for the best gear and keep on equipping better gear as you open more crates. For someone in the mint and kitchen the best way to equip best gear is to tap on the icon on the left side>>equip. It will automatically equip the best gear.

10.Keep on completing the campaign missions and daily quests as they will increase your level and give you better gear as you get more crates. If you power is low always train your fighters in the gym.

11.Repair the arsenal room for better defense against the invaders. Toxic drone initially deals the most damage.

12.Compete in the events as much as you can to get rewards. The events are time bound and are a good way to get rare weapons. The best way to place higher in events is to go for much weaker opponents. Winning quickly has more weightage in my experience compared to defeating a stronger opponent.

13.Keep your rogers happy to get extra money and food benefits. You should tap on the roger emojis as soon as they pop up to keep the rogers happy.

14.Choose the best couple for cloning. The higher the class of a fighter, the higher the level of child it will produce. You can check the class by tapping on a roger and checking its stars. The best way to clone is to raise the star level of 2 rogers and use them for coupling as often as you could. This will produce a higher class child and a higher class roger. The higher class roger could then become a much better fighter as it’s basic level will be higher. It will get more damage power in the training room and should be prioritized for a fighter.

15.Disassemble the useless gear to get more shards. As you get better gear, the ones which are no longer in use should be broken apart. The shards can be used to craft better gear in the weapons workshop. Different type of gear gives different types of shards. You should craft your new weapons with these shards and equip them to the fighting rogers. I highly recommend upgrading the electricity generator to the maximum potential so you can craft epic weapons.

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