Brave Conquest tips, ideas, and beginner’s guide

Brave Conquest by IGG is a strategy and RPG game with various types of troops and buildings to upkeep your empire. Troop formation, type, placement, and heroes plays a huge role in the outcome of your battles in this game. There are various types of battle and different ways you could progress faster in this game. You could buy a pack for quick progress but this game gives you plenty of chances to get premium currency gems by simply grinding. So it’s not just play 2 win kind of game.I will share the tips and beginner’s guide for Brave Conquest:

1:Unlock an extra queue as soon as possible. This will allow you to progress quickly by always keeping 2 buildings upgrading. Always keep your queue busy. Before you go offline, upgrade the buildings which take the most time like castle, for example or build buildings which will take a long time so you don’t have have to spend gems. Another best way to spend your gems is to buy extra slots in factory. This will ensure you could produce many lumber,iron, and leather in the beginning. Do the same for restaurant. Preserve your gems for this rather than spending them lavishly on upgrading buildings.

2:I highly recommend to preserve your gold keys as much as possible till your castle reaches level 4. This is because many stronger heroes are unlocked at castle level 4 so if you spend all of them before that you will miss out on them. Till then upgrade your hero hall to level 3 and upgrade all your heroes to the maximum level. This is crucial since each hero once it reaches level 10 gives attack or HP buffs when when you never use it. Upgrading heroes also gives lots of XP so it will level you up faster.

3:Upgrade your troops and heroes to the highest level possible. This will give you lots of XP. As soon as you upgrade your castle, your first priority should be to upgrade barracks to have extra slot for troops and heroes hall. This will increase the level cap of your troops allowing you to level them up to the maximum potential. You could then follow the quest tasks and upgrade other buildings. I like to give priority to hall of honor and cabin which are materials for upgrading troops and heroes.

4:Build as many buildings as possible to maximize your earnings of gold, and farm produce. Always keep your farm busy too. The farm produce is needed for side quests. So never keep them idle either. Tap on quest on the lower left corner to do them. Side quest are a great way to get XP, medals, gold coins and stone.

5:Brave conquest Battle troops formation guide: The basics of this game is that cavalry has advantage over archers, archers over infantry, and infantry over cavalry. Your troop choice should always be based on these basic principle. Always place cavalry on the flanks though since they have a chance to ambush the archers from behind. I always prefer royal airbornes over royal cavalry as they quickly jump on the archers. If your opponent has more cavalry then you could use infantry to counter that, however one trick you could use is to lure them with 1 unit of archers and then using your spell on them. Spells especially like fireball works well since they do huge damage in a small area. Always try to use them where enemy is concentrated. Rather than using them on the opponent’s hero I often use them on the opponent’s archers. Since spells kill them quickly and I save a ton of HP for my heroes and troops this way. There are exceptions though, sometimes archers counter archers well, even better than cavalry so you could experiment with that. If your opponent has only 1 unit of infantry, use only 1 unit of archers and place them either between 2 heroes to protect them or right behind 2 heroes to preserve them. Since archers have lower HP, you need to place them behind others. With many experimentation, keeping them right between 2 heroes gives them extremely good protection in my experience. The heroes must be placed vertically though. I have posted a picture below. The second unit of archers could be placed ahead as well to distract cavalry and kill them by spell. You could use the same principle to distract infantry. If your opponent has used mainly infantry, just place one cavalry unit in the front to distract infantry and use a powerful spell on them.

Brave Conquest battle formation

6:Join an alliance quickly but make sure you wait and choose the one with the highest members. This is crucial since higher members makes a huge difference in your progress and defense. You could send and receive more help this way. Also alliance allows you to get reinforcements which will help you to win many battles. To get reinforcements, tap on chat on the lower left>>alliance>>reinforcement symbol on the lower right. This will give you reinforcements. Also send reinforcements since it allows your troops to gain might.

7:Compete in expeditions to get alliance magic stone. This magic stone can be used to level up your alliance. Also you will get alliance contribution points fr every magic stone you donate. You could use this alliance points to buy items in the alliance store. To give magic stone, tap on alliance>>mana pool>>contribution. You can buy items on the right. Buying silver keys, and short sword initially is the best use. Higher pool level unlocks even higher grade materials. That is why
an alliance should always have more and active members to quickly level up your pool level. You can also send resources on harbor to get magic stones. Expedition also gives rare items like nail, hammer, paint used to expand Storehouse, heroes, and keys.

8:Participate in events and collect rewards regularly. Tap on events on the upper right corner to check the ongoing events and checking rewards. Also don’t forget to collect your free daily reward of 5 diamonds from the shop>>daily buys>>free.

9:How to get gems in Brave Conquest: Hunt down the animals in your city to get gems and also open chests on the map. Also, whenever you open golden chest you will get a hero. Then go to trophies on the lower right and collect your gems there.

10:Keep on clearing the fog as much as you can and unlocking the new buildings. You will discover many bosses which will give you a great loot. Unlock watchtower initially to do that. As soon as new areas are unlocked, unlock newer buildings immediately.

11:Always have a combination of a melee and a ranged hero for maximum impact. The melee heroes have higher HP allowing them to take damage while protecting the archer heroes behind. The archer heroes have lower HP but higher attack so need protection. Or you could keep your cavalry and infantry forward and 2 ranged heroes behind them to give them extra protection if you go with
2 ranged heroes. Keep on experimenting like that to see what works best. War college is the best for such experimentation since you can play the same mission again. Even if you win, you could always check your remaining health as a good indicator for effectiveness of your formation.

12:Don’t forget to upgrade your keep to defend yourself in arena. This is important as that will defend yourself when offline. Each successful defense gives you rewards.

13:Royal magician and royal Ballista works best against spiders. If that is not unlocked you could go for at least 2 archer units along with cavalry and infantry.

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