Craft Legend tips, hints, and beginner’s guide.

Craft legend by IGG is an role playing and strategy game featuring hack n slash type 2D attack. It also has lots of crafting features involving producing various kinds of structure like Minecraft. There are various regions which have different resources. In every region, you have to protect your base not only from the goblins but also from other players. You could also craft your home in such a way that your enemy gets trapped. There are various other ways to defend too. I will share the tips and beginner’s guide for Craft Legend.

1:First of all, try to collect as many resources as possible nearby and especially from underground. Try to collect every tin, stone, copper as much a you can. The seeds that you collect can be planted or sold for silver coins. Plantation of seeds will lead to completion of achievement milestones granting EXP and other resources. It will also yield fodder your your animals.

2:For leveling up quickly in Craft Legend, complete the quests shown on the left. Each quest gives lots of EXP which will allow you to level up faster. Higher level allows you to equip higher level gear. You should also do the commisions given by the Mercurio to get even more EXP and some rare items like damaged trap component to upgrade your defenses and archaic stone. Doing expeditions from Commisions clerk will also give lots of XP and items like medal of valor. To compete there, tap on message symbol in your home>>commissions clerk>>expeditions. The medal of valor can be used to buy items from Commissions clerk. The best use is to buy trophies there. Trophies will allow you to summon various followers and guides which will allow you to go to different locations. So competing in commissions is a must.

3:Craft tin sword and copper pickaxe initially as they have higher attack than the wooden sword and stone pickaxe. This will allow you to take down your enemies quickly and also collect resources quickly. Once you collect sufficient resources, upgrade the workbench to unlock iron and golden equipments. If you don’t have sufficient ingredients just buy it from the grocer. Once you reach level 10 you will be able to equip lead equipments. You could also craft ranged weapons if you want. To do that, go to craft>>ranged weapons>>tin/lead bow. I recommend using ranged weapons against stronger bosses. Keeping distance allows you to preserve your health. For even higher attack you could also craft buff potions and use them right before attacking bosses as their impact has limited time. Buff potions can be crafted from craft>>potions>>buff potions. I highly recommend crafting body/head/legs/feet/back gears based on your level for added defense and offense buffs before you attack bosses or go on expeditions. As you upgrade your bench, upgrade your gear from time to time.

4:Kill as many enemies as you can as each kill grants some EXP. Also killing zombies will give you eggs. You can use these to get a pet which will accompany you to attack. You will also get a follower which in case if he dies can be revived at home by tapping on the Ghibli trophy. Always revive him if he dies. He pays rent so it’s worth it. Also you should preserve your upgrade materials for pets until you get a SS grade pet. You could then upgrade him as much as you want. To upgrade pet, tap on pet>>”+”symbol in front of attributes. Pet’s attributes keep on increasing as they kill enemies so always use them in your battles and stick with one so he gets all the upgrades. To get SS grade pet, tap on mall>>gold coin mall>>rare omni-egg shards. You will have to go to Inglestead to exchange them for rare eggs. You can go to Inglestead when you meet Sylvia Laurel. To meet her just keep on completing your quests. If you want to recall someone, just place their trophy in your home. You should always upgrade trophies for better follower attributes.

5:Collect as many animals as you can and put them into their respective fence for getting food. For example, put the turkey in the pen fence. You will get eggs and meat from time to time. Each collection gives you EXP. You should also eat these items to satisfy your hunger. It’s always better to cook your food to better satisfy your hunger. To cook for yourself, go to craft>>food>>staple food.
You will be able to buy fences from herder after you use herder Leah’s trophy. Get all types of fences from her before you use another trophy. To use trophies, go to bag>>trophies>>put them on
hotbar below>>tap on wall. You can only use one trophy at once so remove others with pick.

6:I highly recommend to unlock extra slots in your bag for more space. Also once you have hatched one zombie egg, sell the others to free up the space for other items. You will also get a storage box later to store your items as login reward. Transfer all of your
items there to free up your main bag.

7:Build extra floors to your house to have more space for your furniture and other items. First of all, build stairs, get rid of your roof and then lay the stone or wooden blocks to build an extra floor. You should not keep any place open in the walls. You could also create very deep massive holes in your home to trap others if they come to invade. Place lots of traps on the path which leads to your main storage box and place static defenses on both sides of the wall to defend it. You could invade other’s bases after level 13. To go to other’s bases, go to world chat>>tap on a player icon>>visit home. Visit other’s bases to see their construction so you will get some ideas.

8:Build lots of traps and place it at the entry point of your door for extra protection. You should also craft more than 1 static defenses. You should at least craft 2 crossbows. Also upgrade your crossbows and repair it if broken. As you upgrade your bench, also craft higher grade crossbows and use them for better defense. If you keep on upgrading them, you could also evolve them later fro even higher attack.

9:Always appraise your items before selling them. Appraising allows you to sell them for gold coins for some items like Goblin treasure map. You could buy items with gold coins by going to mall>>gold coin mall.

10:Put trophies in your home to unlock various other people like herder to buy different types of fences and also chef. You can cook dishes which give higher satiety with chef.

11:Don’t forget to collect your free rewards like rent and from interval reward by spinning. Spinning drops sometimes gems, gold and other advanced items. It will also give you lots of silver coins for free. You can spin once every 30 minutes. Also your daily login rewards can be collected from events and also collect your achievement rewards.

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