Empire Age of Knights tips, strategies, and beginner’s guide

Empire Age of Knights by Good Game Studios is a strategy game which involves looking over different buildings and structures. Although the game lacks direct PvP aspect, it has orcs to deal with. I will share the tips and beginner’s guide foe Age of Knights:

1:Whenever you craft something, there will be different choices of timings you can choose from. I recommend going for the shortest one. This is because they give the highest output and you also don’t spend any gold for collecting for 1 minute collection. However right before you logout, choose the highest timing to get most resources while offline. Collecting resources gives you EXP. To increase the production even more you can research in academy which will unlock at level 11, to do that tap on academy below>>research.

2:Build all the 4 decorations in your kingdom to keep the mood happy of your kingdom. This will reduce the amount of resources you spend while upgrading or crafting. If you have extra space remaining build graveyard as it gives maximum happiness. I recommend demolishing other decorations since you will need space in the future once the quest is achieved.

3:Keep on training your army. Although you will have limit on how much infantry you can use, you can always sell your extra soldiers for gold. You can also upgrade your army once you reach level 14. To train maximum soldiers at once you should drag the bar of the training ground to maximum. For training troops this is the most efficient way as no matter how many militia you train, you use only 25 bread. You can check every 45 minutes to start training again. To sell extra militias, tap on the box below>>military>>sell. Remember it takes less gold to train them and you sell them for more so every time you do that you make a profit. Precisely, it takes 113 gold to train 1 soldier and you could sell it for 400 gold so that’s a profit of 287 golds per soldier approximately. I recommend buying at least 2 training grounds as selling soldiers is most profitable and is quickest way to get gold.

4:Keep on fighting against orcs over and over again to get precious material which you can sell in the market. You should upgrade watchtower too for unlocking more orc bases. It’s always a better choice to fight higher level orcs as they drop more rewards. You can sell these items in the market. To get higher experience for every sell in the market, you should buy player XP bonus. You will need barrels and cartwheels which you will get from fighting orcs. To buy them go market>>improvements>>player XP bonus>>buy

Empire Age of Knights

5:Compete in tournaments to win keys to get rewards. To win tournaments you need to sell your items in the market. You need to get some times from fighting orcs. “Hoards of gold” has very little chance of getting dropped after fighting orcs compared to others and is often required to sell in the market. I recommend you buy extra ones with gems. So you can keep on selling your items. Preserve your gems for this resource. Once you get a higher ranking you can collect your rewards by tapping on the coin sale below>>tournament shop>>buy. If you have extra keys always open rare open chest and royal coupons of course to upgrade your royal buildings.

6:If you don’t have extra space and want to build a building to get experience, demolish a building, build a new one to get experience and then you can demolish the new building again.

7:Initially, just focus on doing your quests to gain the experience and unlock new buildings.

8:Join an alliance and do its tasks. You will get loyalty points after you give them in the alliance which you can use to get gold coins. The best way to use your loyalty points is to get trading scale as they are rare to get in the market and you need need to unlock an extra contracts slot. To use your loyalty points, tap on alliance>>loyalty>>loyalty shop>>buy.For winning missions in the alliance collect the resources which will complete the target. You should discuss it with your alliance members. If you have extra space left build another woodcutter or stonequarry based on your mission and remember to use 1 minute time for maximum output. To get lots of gems one cheating way is to create a new facebook account on another device, invite from your main mobile and then download the game from that new device to get gems. Or you could just refer it to your real life friends and tell them to download it.

9:The best way to use your gems is to invest them to get even more gems. To do that, tap on tournament>>league rewards>>ruby deal. The good thing here is that you don’t need to compete in tournaments to get gifts and other rewards from tournaments. Although you need to win in tournaments to get higher rewards.

Empire Age of Knights

10:Once you have access to royal buildings I recommend demolishing extra old ones to build new royal buildings to get more production. This will free up the space for you. Royal buildings can be upgraded with royal coupons by competing in the tournament. That’s why don’t upgrade every building you buy more than what’s required in the quest. Only keep 1 normal resources building as you will have to upgrade it as part of the quest later. Tap on hammer>>special buildings and buy them. Try to keep only 1 farm, 1 normal woodcutter, and 1 stonequarry to make space for carpenter and other higher grade buildings aas this buildings make more profit in market over basic resources like logs, stones,stc. Demolish the extra ones. This will allow you to get gold after demolition, make space to buy new buildings, get EXP and progress quickly.

11:Collect free rewards by spinning as soon as you login and also by tapping on the orcs spying you outside your castle. The higher your castle level the more gold you get by destroying these orcs.

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