Honor of Kings Be a king tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide

Honor of kings Be a King by Hong Kong Love game limited is a strategy game which is a mixture of Game of Sultans, Last Shelter Survival, and Warhammer Chaos and Conquest. It not only has campaign mode like but you also be fighting against other clans and capturing fortresses. If you guys have played games like Last Shelter Survival or Rise of Kingdoms you will quickly understand this game. However, when it comes to choosing and leveling up your heroes and technology there are certain tips which might easily be overlooked. I will share the best way to progress quickly in Honor of Kings Be a King; tips and beginner’s guide:

1:As soon as you login collect all the free resources available to you. Tap on celebration>>check all the options above and and claim everything. Then go to payment bonus>>investments. Here you can see all the packs available to you. I recommend saving as much diamonds as possible for the first week and invest all or at least 80% of it in the 30 day financial product. This will double your income. The best way to get diamonds quickly in Honor of Kings are these steps:
1.Bind your account by tapping on the Facebook symbol>>Google binding>>bind. This will get you 200 diamonds in your in game mail.
2.Then join an alliance by tapping on clan>>join. Or search for a clan in World chat. You can join by tapping on the member>>first option>>”shaking hands” symbol>>join. Always check that clan has at least 80+ members and is active too so you get maximum helps. Then finally go to payment bonus>>astrology for your daily spin. And lastly, collect your daily sign in rewards as soon as you login too.

2:Keep on completing your daily quests and main quests initially. If you have have more than 2 farms/quarry/mine/lumber mill. Just upgrade one among each of them rather than upgrading every material. This is because to level up your castle, you only need 1 of them each on the required level. Collect the rewards too by tapping on the quests on the right>>claim.

3:Honor of Kings Be a king Hero/lords guide:Summon 5 common hero scrolls everyday is a must. Since you can get 1 every 5 minutes, check it out in between. They will give you lots of upgrade gear. Also summon special hero once. The best way to level up your heroes is to include them in every battle. Select all of them before battle to get EXP. Select melee attackers in front of archers. You can use potions to gain EXP too. Use it only on the highest star hero that you possess rather than dividing it among many. You can forge the items of hero fusing gear. This will give you higher attack and defense buffs. Tap on hero>>select the one with highest stars>>”+” symbol below>>select gear>>fusion. You can also tap “get now” to get the required gear. I have posted an image below.

Honor of Kings Be a king

The best way to level up your lord is by using it to decrease your construction time using its talent points. Tap on lords on bottom right>>book>>maximize construction speed, then add 3 points to every skill below till you reach construction speed 2. This will maximize your construction speed by a whopping 77% in total! I recommend giving next priority to research speed. Training speed should not be given too much priority at least in the beginning in my opinion, this is because if you increase its speed too often you will have to login often. Maximize research and construction speed and then move forward. If you have already spent your talent points, you can always tap on “reset the talent” at upper right corner to assign points again. Check the image below.
Heroes are divided int common, rare, epic, and legendary. You can get rare or legendary heroes by advanced recruiting. These should always be included in battle so that they get EXP. Then tap on gear on the left>>select everything on the right>>equip. Once your lord reaches level 18, go to forging house to forge higher tier gear and then equip it. You need to take off the equipped gear first.

Honor of Kings be a king

4:Keep on upgrading and training your troops. The best way to do it is to have a schedule like log in after every 6 hours, train them and log out. Try to never keep them idle. Once higher level troops are unlocked always train them instead of tier 1.

5:Compete in events like the arena to get diamonds and other upgrade gear. Tap on the “event center” above>>arena>>battle. You can set your battle formation by tapping on the soldier symbol above in the arena. Make sure to include maximum heroes. Always fight only when you have more power than your opponent.

6:Upgrade your watchtower to see more details of incoming troops. If your enemy is more powerful than you, it’s better to avoid avoid fight to protect your troops. There are 3 ways to do that. First way is to put your troops in shelter to protect them. Confirm it and make sure you include the lord too by ticking above. This is very important especially if your lord is above 10 as it might be captured and executed if it is above level 22. You can protect yourself when you are offline too by always sheltering him before you exit game. Another way is to relocate to a newer place. You can do that by tapping on Kingdom>>go far away in map>>tap on an open space>>transfer. You will need novice relocater for this which you will get for free after you install this game and will only last for 7 days. Even if you don’t have it you can always buy it in the clan store by tapping on clan>>clan shop>>”relocator”. Even better option is to simply activate the piece shield which costs less silver coins too. Tap on clan on bottom left>>clan shop>>combat>> buy “shield”. Although once activated you can’t scout or attack anyone for that time period, it’s the best choice if you are live. For being safe offline, you can always use shelter.

7:Join a clan immediately and move closer to it to not get targeted by stronger players. Once your shield is gone after 3 days, move closer to your clan. You can drop a message to clan chief or in the clan chat for location. Then to move there, go to Kingdom>>write the coordinates by tapping on the “search” symbol above>>enter the coordinated>>go, then tap on an open space nearby>>”transfer”. This will give you security as you can easily take revenge on the attacker with rally attack. To rally attack on an opponent, tap on his fortress>>rally attack. Other can join this way. You can always bookmark him too as enemy. You can do that by tapping on his fortress>>bookmark symbol on upper left corner>>select enemies>>confirm. To access bookmarks, tap on the bookmark symbol above in kingdom. If someone attacks you can get his coordinates by tapping on mail below. Share those coordinates in the group chat by tapping on that fortress>>tap on the “message” symbol below. Helping the clan members will give you silver coins which you can use to get items in the clan shop. If you attack someone, you could buy a nickname changer to change your identity or get attack buffs by going to clan shop>>combat before attacking an enemy. This is crucial to do the maximum damage to the opponent.

8:Regularly visit your lovers to gain intimacy, love points, and, kids. You can summon once every 3 hours. Summon as much as you could and then tap on your lover. Here you should play games to gain intimacy, train her with your love points give gifts to get intimacy. The higher the intimacy the better attributes your child will have. I recommend spending all your love points on the ability for only 1 lover. Otherwise it will take a lot of time if you divide your love points among everyone. 50 donations to the ability will give you the additional buffs.

9:Level up your child and when once fully grown you could get her or him married. This will raise your power. To do that tap on castle>>manor>>children>>train. You should visit here as soon as you login and train. To get your child married, go to Kingdom chat>>tap on a member>>propose to marriage. This will raise your power too. But make sure the member has high VIP and power.
You can check his lord’s level and heroes by selecting the first option after tapping on his icon.

10:Build forging house to forge your gears for higher attributes. Tap on a tile near watchtower>>forging house>>build. Build altar and prison too before attacking someone to be able to capture his lord. Don’t hesitate to execute him in the altar to get buffs. Always check the power of the alliance of the fortress you are attacking. If you mess with a powerful alliance, you could
be in trouble as they might rally attack you. It’s always better to use peace shield right after attacking someone.

11:Keep on researching in the research lab. It does not stop your upgradation. I highly recommend researching attack and defense technologies first over other as they are extremely crucial during fighting times. Build a trap to by tapping on the wall>>build traps.
Always remember there is a limit to this. So once you have higher tier trap, build it and remove the lower tier once.

12:Use your army to occupy a base near your enemy to attack him or use it just as a watchtower. However, you need extra troop size for that. You can do that in lab>>advanced military research.

Honor of Kings Be a king

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