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Iron Conquest tips, beginners guide, battle formation guide, and cheats

Iron Conquest by IGG is a city building strategy game which also features various battle formations to further enhance our strategy. The graphics are great but the only drawback is that the map is too big and that reduces the player density. It has a unique fort capturing campaign to enhance alliance levels. I will list the best tips, trick, strategies, and beginner’s guide for Iron Conquest.

1.In the beginning, just complete the recommended quests and complete the basic daily tasks, main tasks, and guild tasks to get rewards. Upgrade all the buildings equally as you need almost all buildings on equal level yo upgrade the city hall.

2.Train mostly artillery in the military hub because they have they carry the maximum load. This will allow you to collect maximum resources in the world map. 90% of training should be focused on artillery and only the remaining 10% should be focused on heavy and light tanks.

3.Join a good alliance as quickly as possible as they will help you with resources if needed and give you help to upgrade. Make sure you choose the ones which is active and teleport quickly to the hive as that will give you protection.

4.Iron Conquest battle strategy: Your 90% of army should consist of artillery and the remaining 10% should be divided between heavy and light tanks. This is because the artillery does the maximum damage and the heavy tanks shields it while it destroys the enemy. The light tanks are to counter the artillery of the enemy and should be placed on the flanks in the front lane so they reach the artillery
quickly. I have attached a picture below to understand this strategy. The idea of this strategy is that the light tanks act as a distraction for the heavy tanks which allows the artillery to attack the heavy tanks. The commanders that are prefect for this strategy are Shihong Wang, Hans Schimdt, Jim Fisher, and Gunter Weber as they help the units with the highest attack range.
Another strategy you could employ is to use 80% hevay tanks, 15% artillery and only 5% light tanks with a similar battle formation. This strategy relies heavily on heavy tanks though which will help the artillery to survive for a long time. The best commanders for this strategy are Nikolay Arkhipov as his special skill affects artillery which does more damage against heavy tanks. Renshu Zhang is another good choice as he increases armor of heavy tanks.

5.In the wargrounds, you should research only the rocket artillery as that will focus all your resources on just on just one army type. There is no need train other unit types in the beginning. This will save you lots of resources. Also make sure that you have enough resources left to train the troops before you go to academy or wargrounds.

6.Complete your campaign missions everyday. If you employ the above battle strategy you will be be to win battles even with army size 150% more than you. Then buy the resources from the campaign shop. If you have less coins, do the same missions over and over again to get more coins. Aluminium should always be prioritized as it is required to train troops. You could also buy other things based on your needs. If you decide to buy fragments of a commander, make sure you buy the fragments for only 1 type of commander until he unlocks rather than buying randomly. I recommend Shihong Wang’s fragments as her skills are quite powerful. Nikolay Arkhipov, Hans Schimdt
and Gunter Weber are other commanders with good offensive skills. If you want to employ defensive skills, Martin Meyer is a good choice. The best way to use EXP for commanders is in the beginning as they require fewer points to lve up so divide them as much as you can as that will give you attack and defense buffs from commanders even if you don’t employ them. I recommend to use them till at least level 10 for all commanders.

7.Scout your enemy before attacking. Check the type of units he has and then use the ones which are stronger against the ones which he has used in majority. For example if your opponent has 90% heavy tanks, use 90% artillery. If he has 90% artillery, you can use 90% light tanks and a commander like Janet Wright along with it who works best with light tanks. Make sure you always place light tanks on the flanks as they are weak against heavy tanks. This allows them to reach the artillery quickly.

8.Always send your troops for gathering before you log out. Divide your army in 2 divisions, and collect gas and aluminium as you need them the most for upgradation. Ask for resources from your guild mates or use packs from the campaign shop.

9.Attack partisans everyday to level up your commander and get gold and speed ups. Attack the ones with the highest rank but make sure you have higher power than them to guaranty victory.

10.In the academy, focus one economy first especially the production part, the next preference should be given to army traveling speed, army size, and recruitment cost in the military. The rally should be given least preference unless you are a leader.

These are the few tips I learned by playing and from my guild mates. If you have anymore please feel free to share in the comments.

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