Last Day Clash Heroes Battles tips,ideas, and beginner’s guide.

Last Day Clash is a strategy and role playing game which also features various strategic defense formations. This game has 3 different ways to get your heroes unlike others and I have also listed the best ways to get them. The PvP aspect is the most interesting as you will encounter various creative defense formations and the placement aspect of troops when attacking play a crucial part. There are certain ways you can progress quickly in this game. I will list the tips and beginner’s guide for Last Day Clash.

1:Save your gems initially till you get to the 500. Then invest it in the stark’s investment plan to get 1400 gems in a week. Use it exclusively for hiring extra builders initially. Till then don’t waste your gems on upgradation or training. To hire extra builders, tap on the the “+” symbol above besides builders. Having extra builders will allow you to upgrade more buildings. I recommend keeping 1 builder free for upgrading heroes and clearing out the debris in your base.

2:Focus on upgrading storage initially which will increase the capacity rather than upgrading food and energy collector. Upgrading storages of food and energy will allow you to store more which will allow you to upgrade your spaceship quickly. Your first priority should be to upgrade spaceship as it unlocks more buildings so upgrade it as soon as you can. Energy can be used to rebuild league buildings but to reach the threshold you need to upgrade your storage. So don’t waste too much
time upgrading energy collectors and food factories in the beginning as you can always get extra from the packs in the storage.

3: Last Day clash heroes guide: First of all, you should decide which hero you want and then spend all your hero soul stones on him alone rather than dividing it among different heroes. This will allow you to get your heroes quickly. You can always refresh to get your desired hero. You should only spend your hero soul stones for heroes which require gems to buy them or can’t be purchased. I have posted 2 tables below along with conclusions. To get hero fragments, tap on hero>>hero lottery>>play again. Hoard your power stones and play for 5 chances as they have discounts too. Although I highly recommend buying heroes directly with power stones as that will allow you to summon heroes quickly. Upgrade your heroes in all departments with power stones. Firstly, you should upgrade your heroes with survivors. You can always tap on storage to get more survivors from the packs you get, just tap on storage>>small escape capsule to get more survivors. It’s always better to use your upgrade resources on rare and legendary heroes rather than the normal and good ones. To upgrade your heroes, tap on heroes>>select a hero>>survivor. To upgrade him by power stones tap on heroes>>skill. You get 50 free power stones daily, to get them just tap on the “+” symbol besides power stones on the right side. To unlock higher skills you will need chips, you can buy them in the hero soul shop. Go to shop>>hero soul shop>>chips. You can get hero soul coins by competing in the arena. It is recommended to focus only on 1 hero for upgradation and spend all your resources on him till he gets to level 25 as that will unlock equipments and artifacts. Choose a hero, preferably legendary or epic.

Heroes list according to 5 categories and ways to get them.

2.ChatterboxAngelWonder WomanArmorMetal Man
3.ManipulatorRobotShieldIchigoGun Zombie
GokuEVAPudgeHammer Zombie
5.ThanosJinxBB9LuffyMech Warrior
6.VenomOglyHellboyDesert EmperorMissile Zombie
7.Ninja TurtleAbbadon
8.Monkey KingVictory
11Lich KingRudolph
12Zombie President

Heroes list based on ways to get them:

Ways to get heroesSurvivorsPower stonesGemsCan’t be purchased
(Hero fragments)
1.TankIchigoMech WarriorNinja Turtle
2.Metal ManMadaraJuhanMonkey King
3.Gun ZombiePudgeArmorImmortal
4.Hammer ZombieGokuShieldGaruda
5.VictoryMissile ZombieDesert Emperor
6.RolaEVALich King
7.JinxAngelZombie president
8.OglyBB9 Megneto
9.BeachmasterHellboyRudolph (both)
12.LuffyBlack Leopard

Based on these tables, these are the conclusions:

  • All the legend heroes, can’t be purchased so they should be the first priority for buying hero fragments by spending hero soul stones. Go to shop>>hero soul stone. Stick with one hero and spend all your hero soul stones on him alone until you get him and then move on to the next. Don’t divide it among all heroes as that will take you a long time to get heroes.
  • Among epic heroes Madara, Goku, Jinx, and Ogly are the easiest to get with the help of power stones and should be prioritized for spending your power stones. Preserve your powers stones to buy these heroes rather than spending to refresh hero lottery. You could summon other epic heroes with fragments by spending hero soul stones.
  • Robot and Bumblebee are epic and could be bought with gems.
  • All the normal heroes can be bought with survivors and should be bought immediately by survivor packs in the storage. Tap on storage>>large escape capsule>>use to get survivors. To summon heroes>>tap on shop>>heroes. You could also upgrade your survivor camp and build survivor collector once your spaceship reaches level 4.

4:Use your speed ups only for smaller upgrades which require less time. Don’t use it for speed ups which require more than 3 or more hours. This will allow you to reserve your resources and use them more efficiently. You can login 2 times a day to keep your upgrades running which take a longer time.

5:Focus on upgrading barracks rather than the capacity initially as unlocking higher troops is more important than the capacity initially. However, there is an event in the beginning called unyielding warrior which requires you to win 3 multiplayer battles with 20 warriors. If your lower grade troops get killed train your troops in such a way that you have at least 20 troops. Lower tier troops take less housing space so you could train them to reach the 20 threshold so you get rewards for the events. To collect the rewards, tap on the chest on the upper left>>unyielding warrior. Or just upgrade your army camp to accomodate more warriors to reach the 20 threshold.

6:Use all your walls and don’t keep any gaps in between when you construct them as it will force your attacker to break them allowing your long range attackers like laser to attack them for a longer time. Long range attackers should always be placed right behind walls on opposite ends to cover entire base. In the beginning you could group your long range attackers together and cover them up with walls on all sides for protection. The game is programmed in such a way that walls are attacked so the troops wait the last so your ranged attackers will survive even more and deal great damage to ground troops. Station your heroes and army camps on opposite sides to cover all sides. Once you have more than 4 heroes keep them on all corners to cover all sides. When attacking, if the opponent has a gap, then place all your heroes there, else if he has no gaps in walls place all of them away from ranged attackers so that they take no damage from ranged attackers while breaking walls.

7:Join a league quickly for more protection and help for upgrades. To join a league, you will need league building which you can rebuild on your map. You need 40,000 energy to rebuild it so focus on upgrading your storage rather than energy collector in the beginning. You will also need medals as leagues have a minimum medals requirement. To get medals, tap on “Attack” on bottom left>>join a match. Once you reach at 400 medals you will unlock honor which will unlock loot bonus. The loot bonus will keep on increasing as you get more medals. Compete in league wars to get power stones. Challenging league bosses will give you power stones. Even if you lose you will still get some power stones based on damage. So challenge all the bosses.

8:As soon as you upgrade your spaceship, new buildings will be unlocked. Before you upgrade any building upgrade your heroes and build extra buildings as upgrading your buildings will take more time which will make you wait till you build your new buildings as your builders will be busy. Also as soon as you build a building there are a few free initial upgrades so upgrade it then move on to the next one.

9:When you attack anyone, place the troops on all sides. If your opponent has a gap in wall, place them near the gap so it will take less time for him to reach there. Always wait till your heroes are healed before you attack. You can go on world chat too to attack random enemies. Just tap on their name>>duel. Visit others base too so you will get ideas on how you can build your base.

10:Use promo codes in Last Day Clash to get extra rewards. You can check the global chat and as others for the code. Then take the screenshot and tap on the chest on the upper left>>recruit team mates>>promo code pack>>enter code>>claim. If you have 2 phones share by facebook and install the game by other phone and use the code on the new account. Rating the game 5 stars will also give you rewards. Tap on the chest on the upper left to check details.

11:Compete in the campaign missions to get survivors. Once you clear a level you can replay it to get more rewards. Tap on the completed level>>sweep to get more rewards. You can do it once everyday.

12:Compete in arena over and over again to get power stones and hero soul coins. Based on points you will also get gems once event is over. The best use of power stones is to directly buy a hero rather than use hero lottery to get hero fragments. Once you reach 800 fragments you can summon a hero.

13:Keep on researching your troops as researching does not take builders, you should always keep them busy. Prioritize researching highest grade troops you have first.

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