Medieval dynasty Kings’ Reigns tips, ideas, and beginner’s guide.

Medieval dynasty Kings’ Reigns by Robobot Studios is a text based strategy game which will present you with different situations that you will have to deal with. Your decisions will lead of loss of some resources or people and gain others so it plays a critical part in stabilizing your empire. It will display the date and for every successful completion of task you will be awarded experience points as “XP”.
If you a lose a battle you will lose your emperor. I will share the tips, tricks, strategies, and beginner’s guide for medieval dynasty Kings’ Reigns:

1:Always check the resources which are in the downward spiral and are too low. Keep a mental note of that. Now once your tasks are done, select the second option of “I’d like to do some chores first.” Then check the resources which will increase the score of these resources. For example, in the image given below my The vassal and faction performance is the worst so I have to increase the score of a resource which increases their score. “Culture”, in this case increases the score of The vassal and the factions by 5 points after every round once it reaches over 850 points so I have
to choose options which increases culture and discard those which decrease it. Also I should choose the options which increase vassal and faction scores but keep in mind there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if your success chances are below 50% for situations requiring 4 questions then you might sacrifice the scores of these departments to win battles where other choices are even worse. This is very important because if you lose battles you only pay the cost and get no benefits. You can always appoint advisor later to boost these departments.

Medieval dynasty

2:Always make sure before you proceed with your final choices that your success rate is above 50%. This is very important otherwise even with the best choices you will surely lose. This is where you have to make the best combination of choices available. For example, you can make choices with higher percentage rate which will lose more score points for particular department but that department should also have a very high score, preferably above 850(in the green zone) to afford such losses. While for other choices you can focus on your weaker performing departments and try to boost them. You can always go back to change your choices.

3:Always check the attributes of your Sovereign before choosing your advisors. If your sovereign dies, you might be appointed with someone who loses scores of particular department. For example, in the image given below sloth loses 15 factions and vassal states after every quarterly round and my factions is one of the worst performing department too so I need to choose an advisor which increases factions. To appoint an advisor, tap on, “I’d like to do some chores first.”>>We shall engage the services of an advisor. Here I will select Arnold Langdon to boost factions at the cost of people which is fine since I have plenty of score in that department.

Medieval dynasty

4:General rule for medieval dynasty Kings’ Reigns initially is that you have to make choices which gives more + point than the negatives. It means that add and subtract the + and – points for all choices and choose the one with the highest number when you start playing this game to give an advantage in the few departments. Once you go above 850 score in few departments, your advantages will be activated. Now even if you fall below the 850 score your advantages will still be active for 12 quarterlies. This means that you can sacrifice these resources as much as you want for a high success rate to win battles. Always keep this core concept in mind to win.

5:If you have spare XP left, appoint a additional advisor to boost your lagging department at the cost of other which has abundant score. Always remember, if any of your department fall in the red zone (score below 150), the advisor to boost that department will not be available. So never allow any of your department to fall below 150 otherwise it will be too hard to increase it’s score.

6:Watch advertisements to gain XP. Even if you don’t use EXP to appoint advisor you can use XP to increase score of the department whose score is below 150 (in the red zone).

7:Stones and iron are slightly difficult to get in my experience compared to others as there are plenty of situations where you can use these to get scores in other departments. I was able to get all the departments in the green zone. I saved over 150 XP points and then used them to appoint 3 advisors to boost stone, iron, and gold as these were the only lagging departments as the game progressed.

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