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Mini Guns Omega Wars tips,strategies, and beginner’s guide.

Mini Guns Omega Wars is a PvP game which has a portal defense type game. This game features all the military troops and machines which you have to use to defend your portal. The good thing is that your portal can attack too and has different specialties. There are certain level which are hard and certain troops have certain weaknesses which you can exploit for maximum damage. I will list the tips and strategies for Mini Guns.

1:Use your cards based on the weakness of your opponent’s minis. For example, Helicopter and Jet is taken down by rocket launchers, blasters, and turret trucks. But they are weak against the infantry and the trucks so the best way to use them is only right after your opponent uses air minis. Tanks and A.P.C’s specialize against infantry and heavy machine gun. Tanks, A.P.C’s, infantry, and machine guns have a weakness against are minis though especially against helicopters as helicopters stand their ground and attack till the target is taken down. I prefer to use helicopters instead of jets for this reason.

2:Use few minis at least one from each department instead of using many unnecessary ones. This is because the more minis you use the more time it takes to unlock minis in game. Use only 2 types of tanks at max, 1 helicopter, 1 heavy machine gun mini, 1 anti air mini like rocket launcher/stinger, and 1 infantry. You should always use 1 higher tier tank like sonic tank and use it more often as it causes more damage. Tanks should be avoided if your opponent has used anti tank troops. Using rocket launchers against air minis is much better choice rather than anti air trucks as they collect action point drops too. Common fire bases are also a better choice compared to others as for slightly lower health it has greater damage. Pyroblasters are also a great substitute for attack trooper/assault.

3:Always place heavy machine guns/stationary gunner first right in front of your base. Place all 3 of them at once. They provide excellent defense against tanks and infantry troops. They can be taken down with helicopters so make sure you use rocket launchers or stingers as soon as your opponent places air minis.

4:For missions which requires you to protect action point drops or bases always place heavy machine guns/stationary gunner in front of one of the lanes which has action point drops. Maintain it throughout the match. In other lanes use attack truck/machine gun truck which will provide defense against enemy machine guns. It’s very important in these type of matches to use trucks which require less action points to quickly take control. If your opponent uses more than 1 rocket launchers you should use attack trooper/assault against him. They provide the best counter instead of trucks or tanks. Use only 4 minis for such missions which are attack trooper/assault, attack truck, rocket launcher/stinger, and heavy machine gun/stationary gunner.

5:Buy minis from the shop everyday. They get refreshed so buy only the ones which you will use most often. Helicopters, assault/attack trooper, and soundwave/sonic tank are used almost in every match so prefer to buy these minis. Don’t unnecessarily waste your coins on bike/motorcycle as they get taken down by machine guns easily.

6:Compete in PvP battles everyday. PvP battles drop chests even if you lose. Compete in all 3 types of battle although in 2v2 battle the action points take more time to regenerate. The disadvantage sometimes in 1v1 battle is that if you get paired with a stronger opponent you lose. This is overcomed in team matches. You will unlock strongbox too which has greater rewards.
rewards. You will only have 2 slots for opening chest sin the beginning. Unlock more with gold. Never use diamonds as they are harder to get and are premium currency in game.

7:Join an alliance quickly to request various minis. Donate the ones which you don’t need which will give you gold coins. Request the common minis as members are less likely to give you the epic ones. Then go to perks in the alliance and invest your gold in the gift pack gold 1. Strongbox minis should be the second choice. Choose only 1 perk and stick with it until you complete it rather than dividing among many as focusing on only 1 perk will give you quick reward.

8:Complete the previous missions again in medium and hard mode to get diamonds and XP. The diamonds should be used to play more when you run of of chances rather than buying minis.

9:Watch ads after every match to get double XP. The ads last for only 30 seconds. For such small investment of time you could progress at double speed. Also this is a great way to support the developers.

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