Mobile legends adventure tips, tricks, and beginners guide

Mobile Legends Adventure by Moontoon is an turn based RPG game with various campaigns, dungeons, arenas, and various battle types. As you progress further in the game, it gets easier to progress even more quickly since various places are unlocked to get gear, upgrade materials, etc. You can increase your efficiency with certain battle formations and with specific gear for specific players. I will share the tips, strategies and beginner’s guide for Mobile Legends Adventure.

1:Spend your diamonds to summon heroes when you reach 2500. Summoning heroes also has events so you can choose to wait but it’s better to summon them as often as possible so that you can use the best heroes as early as possible. To summon heroes, tap on wishing shrine>>premium summon and summon 10 times using diamonds. This will give you at least one 5 star hero and one 4 star hero along with few 3 star heroes. Don’t waste your diamonds in the market initially to get gold,EXP potions, or gear as you can get these items daily for free or even by grinding in different tournaments. Reserve them exclusively for summoning heroes.

2: Your aim initially should be to spend your EXP potion and gold on only 3 star and above heroes. If you want to draw again but don’t have enough diamonds,
complete the campaign missions and the daily quests. Now collect your rewards by going to campaign>>quests>>daily rewards/achievements. Here you can also see the tasks that you have to do to get more rewards. Once you have higher star heroes you should reset other lower star heroes in the dismantle shrine to get hero experience and advanced essence for 5 star heroes. Your final aim should be to deploy only 5 star heroes so keep on changing your formations as you get better heroes.

3:Select your heroes based on the opponent’s heroes. Blue heroes deal more damage to red, red heroes to green and green has advantage over blue, yellow to purple and vice versa. If your opponent’s main hero is of dark type(purple) then you must have at least 1 light hero (yellow) to deal extra damage to him. You should also select your heroes according to resonance. Deploying 5 heroes of same type gives best boosts but might backfire if your opponent has heroes of various types. I like to use 3 heroes of same type and 2 of different types or you could us 1 hero
of each type to deal with all kinds of formations and stick with these heroes for all battles.

4:Always have 2 melee attackers in front of ranged attackers to preserve ranged attackers.
The meele attackers should be equipped with gears which give HP and armor boosts so that they could take the more damage. The ranged attackers should be the ones who deal damage to all enemies at once. Eudora is one of the best ranged attacker as her spell deals damage to all enemies.
Layla is another one like that but it needs other heroes to star up after level 40. You should also use one healer to heal your heroes during battles. Rafaela initially does a good job to heal your heroes and should preferably be placed in the middle. Melee attackers should be tank class type or even fighter. You could equip your best HP bonus equipments to the meele attackers at the front to make them even more solid and best physical attack equipment to the ranged attacker at the back. You should also see the battle report after battles to see which hero did the most damage and other statistics.

5:Equip the best gear to the 5 star heroes. To equip gear, tap on heroes>>select a hero>>equipment>>quick equip. Select your best heroes first to give them best gear. If you have already equipped gear to other heroes unequip them all, before you equip to your
best hero for quick equip. You can unlock bonus HP and attack if all your equipped gear is uncommon. You can tap on the equipment to see whether it is common, uncommon,
or rare. You can also select these uncommon weapons manually to equip uncommon items.

6:Make friends and send and get hearts to summon even more heroes. You can summon heroes with hearts. To add friends, tap on friends below>>add>>list>>claim and send. Check the invitees too to accept friend requests. Try to quickly get to 30 friends so you can collect maximum hearts. You can quit the game and login again to quickly send requests to members again once your list is over. Then go to wishing shrine>>friendship summon>>10 times.

7:Dismantle the common equipments and 2 and 1 star heroes to get shrine crystal, advanced essence and hero experience. You can use shrine crystal to get 5 star heroes or hero fragments from the shop. Dismantling common equipments will give you equipment coins to upgrade equipments.
It’s always a good idea to dismantle common equipments since you can’t upgrade them and 2 and 1 star heroes since there is a limit to their leveling up. You will also get your gold coins and EXP potion back if you have upgraded them. To do that, go to dismantle shrine>>character dismantle/equipment>>dismantle.

8:Always collect your daily login rewards as soon as you login.Your rewards will get better as you will keep on logging. On the 7th day, you will get Hylos. He is an epic hero. I recommend resetting other heroes to level him up to the highest potential. You can reset heroes by dismantle shrine to get EXP potions and gold coins. You also get 20 diamonds everyday and you could get another 20 by watching ads. To get 20 diamonds, tap on giftpack>>daily pack. Then go to event>>sign in. Here, you can go to events like exchange event and get EXP potions for cakes. I think buying advanced essence and hero experience is the best use of cheesecake. Collect your rewards here from other events too. Get gear everyday by tapping X.Borg arrives. Also collect the instant rewards in the campaign.

9:Once labyrinth is unlocked, you can keep on grinding to get gear, equipment coin (gear upgrade material), and diamonds. Even after you find key to the next dungeon, complete all battles of that dungeon. You can get a lot of uncommon equipments here. Keep on grinding here to get uncommon equipments.

10:Tower of Babel will give you the advanced essence needed to level up heroes. You can always battle here if your heroes need essence to evolve. I recommend to keep on going till you lose and then use it to further level up heroes and then compete in campaign again.

11:Once arena is unlocked, you can compete there to earn EXP potions and gold coins. You will get diamonds and hero fragments too based on your ranking. When you battle in arena try to battle the ones with the highest power but below yours to get maximum score. Feel free to buy arena tickets if you are slightly behind the next level in arena. Set up your defense formation in arena>>defense to defend your castle. Once you recruit new heroes, don’t forget to update your defense formation here. Defending successfully while offline will give you score too and rewards too.

12:Competing in time portal will give you coins and hero fragments. You can summon heroes when you have 20 hero fragments. To summon heroes, go to bag>>fragments>>summon. You should always check which heroes will be effective against your opponent and only select those. If you don’t have recommended heroes, refresh it.

13:Once you get 3 same heroes you can go to fushion shrine to fuse heroes. You need to star up before you could further level up heroes.

14:Once treasure is unlocked, send your heroes on a mission to get rewards. Participate in all missions. Good thing about this game is that even if you send heroes on a mission you can still use them for campaigns unlike other games.

15:Join a guild so you can request heroes. You could also donate heroes to get guild coins. You can use that to buy items from the guild shop. Before you donate heroes make sure you always reset them in the dismantle shrine to get hero experience and gold coins back. Joining guild gives you diamonds and gold coins daily so make sure you enter your guild daily. You can have more guild members if you do your daily quests.

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