Rise of empires beginner’s guide, 11 tips and hints.

Rise of empires is a strategy game featuring clan wars. You can progress quickly in this game if you play your cards right. I will list the best tips, tricks, strategies, and beginners guide to level up faster in this game.

1.Don’t upgrade castle above level 6 unless all your buildings are at level 5. Once you upgrade castle to level 6, you will lose your piece shield. So make sure you train as many troops as you can and have at least 10,000 power before you upgrade.

2.Before you attack others, always scout them to check the available resources that they have. Most importantly, check their power. Your power should at least be double than them to guaranty success. Also check their alliance power.To do that tap on the rival alliance>>alliance. Your alliance power should also be considerable better than your rival otherwise there will be consequences not only against you but against the entire alliance. Once you attack someone you can buy peace shield from the alliance store to cover yourself from retaliation. Cavalry has advantage over archers, infantry over cavalry and archery has advantage over infantry. Set your troop formation according to this logic. If your opponent has more archery units, deploy more cavalry and if he has more infantry deploy more archers. During alliance wars, the best way to take down the other alliance is to send 2 of your best members closer to the opponents hive and then reinforce them heavily. The heavily reinforced members can then target one by one and use piece shields after attacking. Element of surprise plays a huge role and both the members should attack the same opponent at the same time for maximum impact.

3.Recruit and station heroes everyday. You will get new free heroes everyday. To recruit, tap on bar>>Super/advanced recruitment>>Free. Advanced and Super recruitment give much better benefits over normal recruitment. Heroes summoned from advanced and super recruitments should get first priority to station. Stationing of heroes can be done by tapping on Town Hall>>Station. To increase cost capacity upgrade town hall to your castle level.

4.Consistently level up your heroes as your progress and attack other fortresses.To level up, tap on hero>>select your stationed hero>>letter symbol>>”+” symbol>>Use EXP. You can divide this EXP among all your stationed heroes. Don’t waste it on heroes that are not stationed.

5.Never let your troops be idle. Power is everything in this game so keep on training your troops throughout the day. Also keep on upgrading and once tier 2 troops are unlocked, train them instead of tier 1. Also don’t forget to recruit them. To recruit them, tap on the helmet symbol on the upper left>>settings symbol>>drag the troops. If you have tier 1 troops remove them and deploy tier 2 for more power. Else, promote them by going to military university>>basic combat. To deploy heroes along with troops, you first need to research hero appointment.To do that, tap on military university>>research>>class legion research>>hero appointment. Once it’s done, tap on class training grounds>>formation>>hero>>drag your favorite heroes.

6.Join an alliance and move closer to your members as soon as your reach level 6. This ensures your safety, because if someone dares you to attack, you can retaliate with the help your alliance members. To do that, tap on alliance>>join. Make sure that the alliance is active and has at least 50 members so you get help for upgradation whenever you are online. You can move closer to your alliance hive a after joining, to do that, tap on items>>Alliance teleport>>Use. When you attack, always prefer to rally rather than going solo to save more troops and give at least an hour for everyone to join.

7.Build as much buildings as you can. You can tap on build and check available buildings you can build. Build all of them for greater power. Each class has a specific building associated with it which you shouldn’t forget to build. For example, Raider class has raider hall. You can tap on build>>class to build. I recommend raider class over others for greater attacking ad defensive buffs.

8.Keep on researching as much as you can. Researching does not require workers, so keep them busy for additional buffs. You can do that by tapping on military university>> research. I recommend researching footmen, archer training, and basic combat first over others for increased attack buffs. It will be useful when you attack other fortresses.

9.Set up your war camp by deploying troops. To do that, tap on an area where there are more resources and tap occupy. You can then send troops from this camp to attack or gather resources.

10.Get coins by using horns. The horn can be used after a particular time interval, so make sure you tap on it for free coins.

11.Trade resources to get money. When you have surplus resources, sell them to get extra cash. Always check the price so you get the best deal. You can also buy required resources. Do both trades at same time.


  1. How do I make dragons`I ve been attacked by a player on level 16 and he used dragons on me. I have level 17 and dont even know 🙁

    1. It’s a skin. For the one year anniversary event. You don’t get dragon shouts till level 19 they can be used even when they have a shield up.

  2. Guys I have a question. I am from state 58. 57 and 59 have had their SvS KE. But 58 was skipped. We are also not getting Inter State KE as well for 2 weeks now. Any idea why?

  3. Hi. Can anyone tell me why troop payload fluctuates so much. Yesterday my one troop had a payload of 2.1m, today it’s not even 1m for the same troop. And I can see the difference in how much less I was able to plunder from an enemy. Will appreciate your help, thanks.

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