State of Survival Survive the Apocalypse tips, hints, and beginner’s guide.

State of Survival Discard by KingsGroup Holdings is a zombie apocalypse strategy game which also has various ranks within the city. This game unlike most other strategy games has a story line which keeps you busy once you are done training and upgrading. The various types of troops and top notch graphics make it really addictive. Resource management and finding the best alliance plays a key role in this game. I will tell you the best way you can assign the points to your heroes. This is the best and most complete guide you will find on State of Survival.

1.Build all the economic buildings that you can. This will allow you to collect maximum resources. This will also increase your battle power and prosperity. You will earn many resources packs
too which you can use by tapping on your backpack but only use them when required. This is because using using your resources can be plundered when attacked by others and so it’s recommended to keep them in backpacks. As your HQ reaches higher level you can build even more economic and military buildings so keep an eye on them and build and upgrade them as soon as your HQ is upgraded.

2.Hire extra labourers once you reach 500 biocaps. This will allow you to construct 2 buildings at once. This is even more helpful once your HQ reaches above level 8 as upgrading takes longer time. This will allow you to make quick progress initially. To do that tap on the option on the “arrow” symbol on the left side, buy extra builders once you reach 500 bio packs. Next priority for using biocaps should be given to incubators. If you don’t want to spend money then the 30 day growth fund is the best investment. Make sure you invest all the 800 biocaps for maximum output. The 1 day growth fund is even better but you need to buy a pack to use it. To use growth scheme, tap on research lab>>incubator>>30 day scheme.

3.State of Survival Heroes guide: Use all your EXP on only 1 hero. This will allow him to raise his level. The higher the level of a hero, the more quickly you can get get fragments of an epic hero from the hero precinct. Once it’s maxed out then use it one others. Upgrading heroes is done in 3 departments rank, leveling up, unlocking skills, and equipping gears. The gears can be obtained by building workshop when your HQ reaches level 16. You can also get gears by competing in events. You only receive gear once your points reach above a particular level. To upgrade your heroes, tap on heroes>>tap on “+” symbol on the right side to add EXP. Then tap on the “upper arrow” symbol to upgrade hero rank. Higher ranked heroes will also unlock higher level skills. You should deploy your heroes based on their specialty. For example, Sarge is an hunter so he is best to attack the zombies like spitters and lurkers in the wilderness. Rusty is a gatherer and is best used to gather resources in the wilderness. Maddy and Frank are best for rallying against an enemy as she has higher march capacity.

Use of Hero talents: The best use of your hero talents is to increase construction speed. This is because construction takes maximum time and speeding it up will unlock higher tier troops quicker. You can do that by maxing out the economy department first. Your aim here should be to reach “tool improvement” as soon as possible. To do that, max out just one talent to reach tool improvement and max it out completely for maximum increase in construction speed. Don’t waste even a single point battle department. Focus only one department at once for maximum benefit. You get talent points when your chief level is raised. To do that, tap on hero icon on upper left corner>> tap on “+” symbol to raise below to raise chief EXP. To use Hero talents, tap on the hero icon on the upper left>>talents. If you want to reset your talents, you can always buy a pack from the alliance store rather than spending biocaps. Here is the image to clear things.

State of Survival

Formation defense guide: The next thing you need to focus on is setting up troop formations for defense. Use patrolling heroes for this task. Maddie and Frank or Ray and Rolex are good choices as their specialty is patrolling. To set up troop formations, tap on the hero icon on the upper left>>army>>troop formations>>quick select>>save. These will protect you if your rival members decides to attack you. Remember to update this formation as you unlock higher tier troops. When it comes to upgrading your hero skills, remember Jane’s ranch fencing is one of the best in the game. Focus on that first. Upgrade only the skills of those heroes which you mostly use.

4.Complete all your daily quests everyday to get all the rewards. Tap on missions and complete all of them. This is one of the ways to get biopacks and speed ups. You get biocaps once you reach 80 points. You will also get lots of hero fragments and resources if you get all the 200 points in the daily missions other than than the chests.

5.When researching tech I highly recommend researching development first. Your number 1 priority in the development should be to research “tool improvement” to reduce construction speed time. You can achieve this objective by researching tool improvement, just add 1 point to other departments until you reach there and max out tool improvement. Do this till you max out all levels of tool improvement. Maxing out tech improvement along the way will also help you reach your goal quicker Then the next priority should be the battle department. I highly recommend to stay away from the economic department until you max out the other 2 departments. This is because you can easily collect resources on the wilderness so that should be given least priority in the research department.

State of Survival

6.Join an alliance to further quickly progress in the game as joining alliance will allow you to get help to upgrade. It’s very important that your alliance should be active and ha at least 40+ members. This will get you lots of helps and also help you in rallying for completing the intel tasks. The best way to find a decent alliance is to check the world chat. They often have minimum power requirement so power up quickly. Don’t join random alliances which pop up on your screen as they are not that active. Also joining alliance will allow you to buy various items in the alliance store. To get alliance silver coins, donate in the alliance tech. I recommend donating as much food and wood logs as you can to get silver coins. This is because silver coins are more valuable than the food and logs as you can easily get them in the backpacks. You can use silver coins to buy various items in the alliance store. Tap on alliance>>alliance store to get the items. I recommend to buy peace flare (8hours) and preserve your silver coins for sarge fragments too. The best time to use peace flare is right after you attack a rival member so it’s better to keep them in reserve. Most importantly move closer to your alliance members. This will allow you to join rallies. Ask for your alliance location in the alliance chat. Then go to Wilderness>>enter those coordinates>>tap on an open area>>relocate.

7.After joining alliance, compete in events. The rewards is in events in State of survival is not just based on victory by on damage inflicted so even if you have lower power compete in events. You can tap on events to check the ongoing ones. Also events will give you the silver, gold alliance coins, and fragments too along with hero EXP.

8.Reclaim your land as soon as possible to unlock assembly point and Command station. Unlocking command station will allow you to rally and complete intel missions. Attacking Dev camps requires rallies too so it’s very important that you unlock it as soon as possible. Also upgrading Command Station will allow you to get more helps and increase help time which will further help you to upgrade quickly. If you are having trouble to complete missions because of your low hero level, you can always take hero support to get the best hero in your alliance. To do that go to Hero Precinct>>explore>>tick mark Hero Support on upper right corner>>challenge.

9.Collect your free chests and heroes everyday. You get free 3 chests everyday. The first is your daily login reward. You can get that by tapping on the welcome above and second is the VIP chest by tapping on the VIP on the upper left corner. You can get the third one by tapping on the “+” symbol besides biocaps on the right upper corner>>daily deal. You should also collect your free daily hero fragments by tapping on Hero precinct>>search>>advanced/epic search. You can also add extra VIP by tapping on the “+” symbol in the VIP bar. The benefits of VIP is you can use instantly construct your buildings once they reach below a certain time threshold. For example, at VIP 12 you can instantly construct your buildings once they reach below 12 minute mark. To activate the benefits of VIP, tap on VIP on the upper left corner>>time bar below>>use. I highly recommend to use it at as higher VIP level as possible to get maximum benefits. Also if you decide to use the 7d VIP pack, make sure you are quite active during that week to get the most of your VIP pack. You should always check the VIP store for discounts to buy resources when urgently needed. Tap on events billboard>>VIP store.

10.Use the store to buy hero badges and EXP. I recommend using your biocaps for buying hero badges though as getting EXP is much easier. Tap on the store below>>rare/epic hero badge.

11.If someone attacks you, you can always check the report in the mail. To get revenge, bookmark the alliance first. Discuss with your members in the alliance chat and start rally rather than going solo. If your battle power is too low, someone else can take charge and you can add troops. Rallying deals maximum damage and is best way to go after someone. Also before you attack someone always check their alliance power. If you attack someone with a powerful alliance, your entire alliance will face repercussions. It’s better to target weaker alliances to get resources. Pick your enemies wisely.

12.Complete your trail missions as much as you can. This is so important as you will get lots of hero EXP this way. You will also most importantly get those hero badges used to summon various heroes and upgrade them.

13.When upgrading, always use your construction speed ups only on the upgrades which require less than an 1 hour. So you don’t waste it too much on just 1 building. Use it on buildings which require less time.

14.Complete your intel missions daily to get the hero fragments and the biocaps. You can do 4 special intel missions daily. Don’t miss them. There are plenty of normal intel missions. Do they as much as you want to get all the hero fragments and resources.

15.Upgrade all the training buildings to unlock higher tier troops. Once unlocked train higher tier instead of the lower tier ones. You should always use timers to speed up instead of the biocaps because biocaps can be used to hire extra builders.

16.Garrison your alliance posts for better defense of your alliance. Also it will allow you to keep an eye on others further than your settlement. This especially helps during Infected Horde event which which attack tower. The better the defense the better rewards you get.

17.Right before you logout, send your troops to gather resources. As you progress further you will need more resources. So keep them busy collecting before you close the game. Its always better to divide your troops into 2 parts and collect both wood and food. This is the most efficient way to never fall short of resources.

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