War troops: Military strategy game tips, beginners guide, and cheats

War troops by Koco games is a base or tower defense game which features the modern combat weapons. One of the amazing features of this game is that it has trenches and the route is much longer compared to other tower defense games. There are also boss modes to get the extra coins. The only drawback that I found is that there is an energy system which sometimes might be frustrating. I will list the best tips, tricks, beginners guide, and cheats for war troops.

1:Always first use sniper to cover your base rather than soldier as soldier will be killed easily. The sniper has a long range and kills soldiers, officers, and flame throwers quickly. If you have less mana then the second choice should be officer as he has slightly
higher range or paratrooper.

2:Don’t waste your time upgrading your troops, you should preserve your gold to hire newer troops as you progress. Then, if you get stuck at some point, I recommend to upgrade your skills like
grenade first, then upgrade your paratrooper and officer. The best set of skills are grenades, mine, and Czech Hedgehog.

3:Strategy based on troop types:
1.Machine Gunner: He should never be used in the beginning. The best time to use machine gunner is after you have captured at least 1 trench. It will solidify your position and will counter paratroopers, officers, and soldiers. Keep at least 1 of them as you capture an extra trench.

2.Officer: Officer works best against soldiers and paratroopers as they have higher range than them.
However, they will get taken down by paratroopers as they have lower health and damage than them. The best time to use them is in the early and middle game. You should always prefer to use them after using at least 1 paratrooper and sniper.

3.Sniper:The sniper should be used as early as possible as he is the best defender. Wait for mana requirement and use him quickly. If he gets killed, your first priority should be to redeploy him.

4.Paratrooper:The star of this game is paratrooper. I recommend spending all your gold coins on upgrading him rather than other units. He is a very good attacker. You should give him second priority after snipers. The best way to use paratroopers is along with Czech Hedgehog. When your paratrooper engages in shooting place an Czech Hedgehog right after him to preserve his health.
This will help him last longer and take control of enemy trenches. If your opponent uses a paratrooper, use a grenade immediately on him. As paratroopers are known to take control of enemy trenches. The best option instead of grenade though is mine but they require higher mana.
But try to kill paratroopers before they reach trenches. Paratroopers once they have reached the last position should be immediately covered with Czech Hedgehog to protect them. Then all you have to to do is simply send an officer or flame thrower to win.
I have attached a picture below.

War troops

5.Bazooka:Bazookas works best after taking control of at least 1 trench. If you use them too quickly they will be killed by either officers or paratroopers. If they killed and you need only last trench to capture, don’t use them as they will kill your on soldiers too.

6.Flame Thrower:Flame Throwers are best used at the end when only last two trenches are remaining.

7.Mine:The mines should be used right after the enemy trenches so as soon as the come forward they all get killed. You should always plant 1 mine right before your first trench to protect it.

7.Grenade:Grenades should be used preferably on trenches where enemy is concentrated for maximum impact. However, if you spot a paratrooper use a grenade on him immediately as paratroopers take down officers and soldiers quickly. If you are out of range,sacrifice one soldier, and as soon as it is within range use grenade immediately to take control of trenches.

8.Gas:The gas should be used tactically to take control of enemy trenches. If you are out of range of trench then send 1 unit to expand the range and use gas as soon as the range is reached to use gas on enemy trench. Make sure you use gas mask and then take control of the trench immediately.

9.Generator:Generator should have the last priority is skills and they should be used as close to the base as possible so you can preserve them as much as you can. However, if you have already taken a control of one of the trenches and the enemy is waiting too. You should use him quickly even before using mines or grenades.

10.Compete in boss missions to get gold coins: The best way to win in these missions is to exclusively use paratrooper and place him right in front of the boss. Use Czech Hedgehog right in front of him to preserve him. Upgrade him as much as you can. If the enemy uses paratrooper, only then place your paratrooper ahead of him to cover him or place a mine.

11.Use your boosters carefully and only on those levels in which you are stuck. The best time to use them is when you are trying to take over enemy trench.

Image of my deck.

War troops deck

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