Wild Sky Tower Defense Epic Legends tips, tricks, and beginner’s guide.

Wild Sky Tower Defense: Epic Legends is a tower defense RPG game. Most of the work in this game is done by towers and an few heroes to accompany them unlike other games in which different characters which compete against each other to protect the tower. You have to form new formations in every battle. The aim is to defend your main tower and defend against incoming enemy waves. I will share the tips and beginner’s guide for Wild Sky TD:

1:You should place the towers which deal the most damage closer to your portal. In the beginning, cannon tower deals more damage than tesla tower and tesla tower deals more damage than arrow tower. Create all cannon towers near your main tower followed by others. Barracks should be placed towards the entry point. This principle should be followed even when you unlock higher tier towers. However, as tesla tower is of green element it will have a 50% extra damage on enemies with blue element. So upgrade it first for battles involving enemies of blue element. Towers with brown element have no advantage over other elements and should be the last ones to be upgraded. The preference for selection of towers should always be based on what is the color of element of your enemy. You can check it before battles above. Blue has advantage over green, green over blue, blue over red, and yellow over purple and vice versa. As you unlock more heroes, select your heroes accordingly too.

2:Place the hero in the center point where all the paths meet as that allows him to encounter more enemies but he should be rotated to the place where enemy is most concentrated. If too many enemies reach near your tower, place your hero in front of your tower to defend it. It gets respawned even if it dies. When deploying infantry troops, place them in front of normal soldiers rather than bosses because bosses kill them quickly so that’s not very efficient. Bosses should be dealt with your main heroes, his spells and tower spells.

3:Rather than upgrading your towers quickly during battles, initially try to build all the towers on all slots and then once you have sufficient dollars left upgrade the towers on the order of damage. Upgrade all the ranged ones first till then don’t waste your coins on using tower skills. Only allow the troops to come once all your dollars are used to build towers before the battle begins. Once the battle begins you can get extra dollars by calling the enemy quickly by tapping on the skull. The earlier you tap the more dollars you get. Another cool trick is to simply start demolishing your towers away from your main tower to get dollars when you deal with a boss in the last wave. Once the boss is past the range of towers you can demolish them for dollars as they could not longer hit boss. Use these dollars for using tower spells on boss as he approaches near your main tower. Demolishing towers gives you full return on the cost incurred to upgrade your towers. Tower skills of cannon initially deal the most damage and should be preferred over others. Till it gets recovered, you can use others. Simply tap on the tower>>dollar sign to demolish.

4:Keep on using your spells where enemy is most concentrated for maximum damage. Wait if there are not enough enemies on the battlefield and use them at the appropriate time. When using spells you should use it based on principle that blue has advantage over green, green over blue, blue over red, and yellow over purple and vice versa. They deal 50% more damage. The spells must be used accordingly for maximum impact.

5:Compete in mine and trial events for getting gems and elemental currency. As you complete missions, achievements will be unlocked. Collect your rewards there and upgrade your cards. To upgrade you will need XP crystal. You can buy that from the market. Hero XP crystals are separate from the tower XP so make sure you buy both, then go to cards>>tap on the “+” symbol below>>crystal. You should also upgrade tower spells with gold coins.

6:Buy items from the elemental market, go to trial>>tap on the elemental symbol on the right side. The best use is to buy the card promotion material which you will need once your cap is reached to add XP.

7:Collect your daily login rewards as soon as you login and open your free chest from the crane. You should watch ads as well for doubling rewards. It’s a good investment as you get the benefits of 2 chests in 1.

8:Unlock more cards by opening chests. You should complete the campaign missions so you will be able to open higher tier chests for higher tier rewards. Once higher tier cards are unlocked, discard the older ones in that color type. Make sure you have cards of all color type to counter troops of all type.

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